Residential Development Process

The Five Steps of The Development Process for Residential Building

Pre-Application Meeting

Pre-application meetings are not required but encouraged for all projects so applicants can introduce their project to City Staff and get questions answered about their site and the approval process. Meetings typically are available Thursday mornings 9-Noon. Please call 615.444.3647 at least 24 hours in advance to secure a spot on the schedule.

1 Project Review

Project Review Path for Developments, either Site Plan or Subdivision Plat

Developments typically will go through one of the two paths above, but sometimes will need to complete both.


Every lot/unit will need to submit a Plot Plan. If designated as a critical lot, a Critical Lot Plan will take the place of a plot plan. A stormwater/driveway inspection needs to be completed prior to applying for a building permit.
     •  Plot Plans/Critical Lot Plans will be submitted and reviewed on the IDT online portal allowing for direct communication between staff and the applicant.
     •  This will replace the planning review currently done once a building permit is applied for.

Plot Plan Checklist

IDT Plot Plan Submit Instructions

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Checklist Sections

All Plot Plans/Critical Lot Plans
     A.  General Information
     B.  General Site Layout
     C.  Driveway and Sidewalk

All Plot Plans/Critical Lot Plans on lots established after June 6, 2023
     D.  Parking Plan

All Plot Plans/Critical Lot Plans with units approved on a site plan, Conservation Subdivisions & lots established after June 6, 2023
     E.  Architectural Elevations

All Critical Lot Plans
     F.  Site Grading and Drainage
    G.  Retaining Walls
    H.  Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control

Plot Plan/Critical Lot Plan Process
     •  Upon submittal the application will automatically be sent to all reviewing departments.
     •  Approval or comments will be completed within 5 business days of submittal.
     •  If comments are received resubmittals will be needed addressing all comments.
     •  Additional reviews will be completed in the same process as the initial submittal until approved by all departments.
     •  Approval from all departments is needed prior to applying for a building permit.

Plot Plan/Critical Lot Plan Roll Out Timeline
     •  Application is open for submittals on IDT now.
     •  All residential building permits submitted on or after March 1, 2024 will require an approved Plot Plan/Critical Lot Plan.

3 Building Plan  Permit Review

Building plans and a complete building permit application need to be submitted for review to receive a permit to begin construction.
     1.  The plans for building interiors, mechanical, electrical etc. (Scaled on 8 ½ x 11)
     2.  Payment for all fees.
     3.  Plot Plan/Critical Lot Plan Approval Letter
     4.  Approved Plot/Critical Lot Plan
     5.  Approved Driveway/Stormwater Inspection
     6.  Complete Building Permit Application
     7.  Complete New Utility Service Application
     8.  State of Tennessee Contractors License
     9.  Certificate of Insurance made to City of Lebanon
   10.  Wilson County Adequate Facility Taxes
   11.  Energy Affidavit

4 Construction Inspections

Throughout the construction process of the lot/unit periodic inspections are required including but not limited to the following:
    1.  Setbacks
    2.  Continuous Footing
    3.  Piers
    4.  In Slab
    5.  Slab
    6.  Framing
    7.  Rough In
    8.  Mechanical
    9.  Weatherproofing
  10.  Sewer
  11.  Water
  12.  Final Inspection

5 Certificate of Occupancy

Certificate of Occupancy will only be issued upon the completion of the previous steps that confirm what was proposed & constructed in the field complies with all relevant codes. Building Inspections, Planning, Engineering & Utilities approval is needed:

Options for recieving the Certificate of Occupancy

Request an Inspection from Planning, Engineering, and Utilities.

Building Inspection Requests should be emailed to

Or submit information below

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