Planning Commission


(Projects are updated Monthly)

The projects coming before the Planning Commission each month have been mapped for your convenience. 


Orange: Plats

Blue: Site Plans

Pink: Future Land Use Plan Amendments, Rezonings, Specific Plans, Specific Plan Amendments

Yellow: Annexations

Purple: Other


Projects are listed under the month in which Planning Commission last acted on the request. Any previous actions on the request will be noted in the project history section.

Planning Commission Calendar for 2023-2024

Please click for the printable Planning Commission Calendar 

Planning Schedule


  • 5:00 PM
  • 4th Tuesday of every month unless there is an extra week in the month or a holiday. Please refer to the calendar.
  • Town Meeting Room of City Hall
  • A preliminary meeting is held approximately one week prior to the regular meeting. An agenda will be placed online after the preliminary meeting after the agenda is set for the Planning Commission meeting. Please refer to the Planning Commission calendar for exact dates and times of scheduled meetings and submittal deadlines.

Agendas & Minutes

View current and previous agendas and minutes. View archived documents.

Planning Commission Calendar January 2022-2023

Additional Information can be found at the Planning Department page.



Pursuant to the provisions of section 13-3-101 of the Tennessee Code Annotated there is hereby created a Municipal Regional Planning Commission, hereinafter referred to as the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission shall consist of ten (10) members; two (2) of these shall be the Mayor and an alderman selected by the City Council; the other eight (8) members shall be appointed by the mayor. All members of the Planning Commission shall serve as such without compensation. Except if the initial appointments which shall be made so as to stagger the terms, the terms of the eight (8) members appointed by the mayor shall be for five (5) years each. The terms of the mayor and the alderman selected by the City Council shall run concurrently with their terms of office on the City Council. Any vacancy in an appointive membership shall be filled for the unexpired term by the mayor.


Meetings of the Planning Commission shall be held at the call of the chairman, and at other times as the commission may determine. All meetings of the board are open to the public. A record of applications and actions taken by the commission are maintained by the planner and are public record.


The Planning Commission shall be organized and shall carry out its powers, functions, and duties in accordance with Title 13 of the Tennessee Code Annotated. The commission makes recommendations to the City Council regarding annexations, rezonings, and amendments to the Zoning Ordinance (Title 14 of Lebanon Code of Ordinance). Authority is theirs to review and consider applications for subdivision, and consolidation of property, as well as site plans.

View a copy of the Planning Commission By-Laws (PDF).