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Open Space Requirements

Ordinance 23-6784 added a whole new section to the Zoning Code. The Open Space requirements can be found in Chapter 8 Section 14.806. The standards in this section apply to (i) subdivisions creating 20 or more lots and 500 linear feet or more of public/private road or (ii) final site plans containing 8 or more units and over 1 acre of total land area, unless otherwise specified. Please refer to Chapter 8 of the full Title 14 - Zoning Code for more information.

Additionally, the Open Space Requirements have been added to the Subdivision Regulations under Article III General Requirements and Minimum Standards of Design  J. Open Space.

Development and Surety Fee Calculator

Developers now have an interactive development fee calculator website page.

New Sign Code 

The Title 20 Sign Code will be deleted and all the new and updated signage information will be located in the Title 14 Zoning Code under Chapter 13 - Signage. The link to the information page can be accessed by clicking here.

Specific Plans - Regular and Text Only

Ordinance 22-6575 Changed the Regular SP and added Text Only SP. Please refer to the Specific Plan website page for full instructions.

Planning Commission Schedule with Specific Plan and Annexation Submittal Dates

Please see the updated schedule for all SPs and Annexations. 

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Developers Meetings with Staff

Pre-App Meetings will be scheduled on Thursdays from 9:00AM to 12:00PM. Having a dedicated schedule will help the developers be able to meet with all the staff departments necessary for the success of all new projects being presented.

Developers should contact the Engineering Department/Planning Department to schedule a meeting at least 24 hours in advance. For everyone involved, having at least have the following information provided when requesting a developers meeting would be helpful:
  1. Address/Parcel number/exact location 
  2. Use(s) or potential use if undecided
  3. Preliminary layout or access points minimum

South Hartmann Drive Overlay

The South Hartmann Drive Overlay was amended on July 18, 2023 by Ordinance 23-6787. For more information, please proceed to the overlay page.

Site Plan Qualifications

A complete site plan should include each of the following BEFORE the Preliminary Planning Commission: 

  • Application 
  • PC Submittal Fees 
  • An Accurate Checklist 
  • Variance Requests 
  • Variance Request Fees 
  • Cover Sheet 
  • Boundary 
  • Existing Conditions 
  • Site Layout 
  • Landscape Plan 
  • General Notes 
  • Vehicle Circulation 
  • Pedestrian Circulation 
  • Elevations of Buildings 
  • Fire Department Basic Requirements 

All site plans will be vetted by Staff – which includes Planning, Engineering, Utilities and Economic Development - and discussed with the mayor. This will ensure that all documentation is complete for the Preliminary Planning Commission Meeting. This also means that the complete proposal qualifies to be on the Planning Commission Agenda for the entire body to consider. 

At the Preliminary Meeting, the Staff will present each site plan, and it will be discussed. This provides each Planning Commissioner the opportunity to ask questions and/or voice concerns. One representative of the project will be allowed to answer questions and, if there is a difference of opinion, share their interpretation of our codes.  

Like a City Council Work Session, the Preliminary Planning Commission Meeting is a time for the Planning Commissioners to gather information for their individual votes at the Planning Commission Meeting. 

With that being said, the Preliminary Meeting may highlight some disagreements between Staff, the Planning Commission, and the developer. It may also shine light on mistakes or instances where a site plan does not meet the standards required. If that is the case, then the developer has options. They can ask for the item to be removed from the agenda or take their chance with a full vote of the Planning Commission. The Planning Commissioners also have options. They can vote to approve, deny, or defer. 

In summary, a complete site plan will be presented at the Preliminary Meeting for discussion. Decisions concerning that site plan will be made at the Planning Commission Meeting.

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