What is the Major Thoroughfare Plan?
The City of Lebanon has adopted a Long Range Transportation Plan, known as the Major Thoroughfare Plan. The Major Thoroughfare Plan is designed to accommodate both current and projected travel demands. By analyzing the existing roadway network, anticipated population and employment growth over the next 30 years, and the roadway network's ability to handle the growing traffic, alternatives for roadway improvements were developed that will result in needed ability and access improvements.

Along with providing the city with an analysis of existing traffic conditions for 2006, the Major Thoroughfare Plan provides an assessment of expected traffic conditions for the year 2030 based upon anticipated growth within the city and the resulting increases in traffic projected in the future. This analysis provides the city with the necessary data to develop and prioritize road improvements to accommodate future increases in traffic.

A copy of the Major Thoroughfare Plan can be found on the Publications page of the Planning Department's pages of the website.

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