Street Department

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Welcome to the City of Lebanon Street Department

The following is general information regarding our street department’s routine and seasonal work. We currently have 16 street department employees; Consisting of a secretary, supervisor two crew leaders, seven heavy equipment operators, three light equipment operators, and two street workers.

State Maintenance Contract

We have a maintenance contract with the State of Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT). This contract generates approximately $121,000 per year for the routine maintenance of 75 miles of their 95 lane miles of streets inside the city limits of Lebanon. This consists of 30 hours per week sweeping on a routine basis. We also get reimbursed for fixing potholes, removal of dead animals, debris, ice and snow, removal of litter and mowing of the medians. We also bush hog State right of ways back of ditch lines three to four times yearly without reimbursement.

Chipper Service/Storm Debris

This service is provided for disposal of limbs, brush and leaves as related to the resident's routine and normal maintenance of trees, bushes and shrubs upon resident's property. Resident is defined as a single family home or duplex. See the Chipper policy (PDF).

When wind storms occur the chipper policy is extended to assist citizens with cleanup of larger items. City of Lebanon property and Public Works services information (including schedules) can be obtained by clicking on the link below:

•  Review and accept the terms of the agreement.

•  To get started, use the tools on the left side of the screen to search for a property by Owner Name, Address, Parcel ID, or Map, Group, Parcel (MGP) number. Example entries are provided. You can also use the map tools to zoom in and identify properties manually.
•   Once you have found the property, you will see owner name, property address and other information on the left side of the screen. Scroll down for additional property information. Chipper zone and sanitation pickup day can be obtained by clicking on Services.


The residential chipper service is on a monthly schedule.

•  Zone 1 items are picked up the week of the first Monday of the month.

•  Zone 2 items are picked up the week of the third Monday of the month.

chipper service guidelines can be found here:

Should you have any questions please call the Street Department at 615-444-0825.


We operate a curbside leaf vac service during peak leaf removal times. This operation can utilize 8 employees. Any leaves picked up after this period must be bagged. We recommend biodegradable bags for convenient mulching.

Unacceptable Items
Some of the rules for our cleanup are that we cannot pick up any hazardous waste. This includes:
  • Antifreeze
  • Batteries
  • Compressors
  • Florescent lights in volume of more than fifteen
  • Paints
  • Used motor oil
  • Used tires
We also have a volume amount of what we pickup- approximately that which would fit in an average size pickup truck. We do not accept any contractor or commercial waste and we do not accept waste from vacant properties or outside the city limits of Lebanon.

Driveway & Ditching

A permit has to be obtained from the Engineering department for any new driveway construction. The length and the diameter will be determined at that time. If the pipe is purchased in town, we will pickup and install. Our Engineering/surveying department determines most ditching work. It is passed onto the Street department in a form if a work order. We do routinely clear ditches of any obstructions; this is generally done after each rainfall.

Work Requests & Work Orders

If another city department needs work assistance from the Street department, a work request is generated from the Engineering Department or Commissioner of Public Works. Under no circumstances are we to do any work on private property without an authorized Work Order.

Street cuts

Street cuts can be from our own utilities or contractors. Contractors are required to put up a $ 1,000 street cut bond along with obtaining a permit. In the event the contractor wants us to make repairs, our charge is $25 per square foot. This charge is taken from the bond. We do repair all of our utility cuts and bill our utilities at a rate of $ 6 per square foot. This combined revenue is approximately $ 50,000 per year.


We have approximately 150 acres of airport property that we maintain and bush hog three to four times each year. There is also approximately two miles of security fence that we maintain. We do bill the State Aeronautics Department for 50 percent of our cost of this maintenance. This generates approximately $ 9,000 per year.