Accounts Payable

General Policies & Procedures
Before we can make payment on any invoice, proper documentation must be submitted to this office. This may take the form of a purchase order or check request. With most invoices for purchase of materials or maintenance in excess of $1,000, a purchase order is required.

Therefore, it will be to most vendors' advantage to have a purchase order number associated with the invoice or invoices when inquiring about payment. Our Accounts Payable Department pays bills for some 35 different City departments; therefore, do not be surprised if we cannot give you an immediate answer to your inquiry regarding a past-due invoice. Checks are printed at least twice weekly (Tuesday & Thursday) although the days may vary from time to time.

We try to be on a 30 day cycle, although we frequently get payments out sooner.

Some vendors feel that they should be paid on a more frequent basis, and we will do what we can to work with them in occasional special circumstances. We discourage any City employee from promising a vendor he will be paid on a more frequent basis without first checking with the Accounts Payable Department.

In all instances where vendors send monthly statements, it is our policy to reconcile the statement, pay the invoices we have documentation for and follow up on the others later. This way we are not holding up a month's worth of invoices for lacking paperwork on one or two invoices.

If you have questions/problems receiving timely payment of your invoices, please first check with the person that placed the order to make sure that they have initiated the proper paperwork to get the bill paid.

  If you do not get satisfaction from contacting them, please contact the Accounting Manager, Mr. Lawson, at extension 2207.