All plans must be designed in accordance with the following adopted city codes.
•    2018 International Building Code and its Appendices
•    2018 International Mechanical Code
•    2018 International Plumbing Code
•    2018 International Fire Code
•    2018 International Fuel Gas Code
•    2018 International Existing Building Code
•    2018 Life Safety Code
•    2018 International Residential Code and its Appendices
•    2018 International Energy Conservation Code for Residential and      Commercial
•    2017 ICC ANSI 117
    Com-Check is required to be submitted with the plans for the applicable project.
All plans for new construction, tenant build outs and renovations must contain the following code information and the manner in which compliance has been achieved:
•    All applicable codes
•    Allowable height and area
•    Construction type
•    Occupancy group
•    Occupant Load
•    Fire alarm
•    Rating of structural members and walls
•    Life safety plan
•    Number of stories
•    Building area (s.f.)
•    Sprinklered or nonsprinklered
•    Rated walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, doors, etc.
•    Distances of less than 30 ft to other buildings, streets, alleys, or public ways.
•    Copy of the approved site plan.
    All plans for additions, tenant build-outs, and renovations must show the project location in relation to the entire existing floor or structure of the building in which or upon which it will be constructed.
    One set of architectural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and approved civil drawings shall be submitted for review, upon review completion two sets of revised plans shall be submitted on paper to be stamped for jobsite.
    When stamped drawings are required, every sheet of each set of plans must be stamped, signed, and dated by a registered architect or engineer per state law.
    Sprinkler Design Intent is required to be submitted with the drawings
    Provide a site map showing location of surrounding streets, along with address of project.
    Shop drawings must be approved and stamped by a Tennessee registered architect or engineer (2 sets required).
    Sprinkler design and shop drawings must comply with State of Tennessee (standard of care for Fire sprinkler design). 1 copy of engineered approved shop drawings and calculations must be submitted along with two sets on CD in PDF format.
    Projects requiring flood proof construction located in FEMA flood zones must be accompanied by a flood-proof design certificate prepared by a registered engineer or architect.
    The following occupancies must be reviewed along with the State Fire Marshal’s Office:
•    All state owned and leased buildings
•    All educational occupancies (K-12) Public or Private
•    All day care centers (including adult day-care) licensed by the Department of Human Services, and facilities requiring a State Fire Marshal inspection for initial licensure.
    Note: After State Fire Marshal approval of plans, submit the approved copy along with one additional copy for review by the City of Lebanon.

Building Codes