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Pretreatment Program

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that a Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) Facility with a design flow greater than 5 million gallons per day receiving pollutants from industrial users which could cause interference or pass-through at the POTW develop and implement a Pretreatment Program. The EPA defines “Industrial User” as any non-domestic sewage, meaning commercial entities could be subject to pretreatment rules. The City periodically issues surveys to existing and new users to help screen for applicability.

Dental Offices are considered industrial users and are required to complete an One-Time Compliance report before opening a new office. For more information, please proceed to Dental Compliance


It is the responsibility of the Industrial Pretreatment Program to inspect industrial facilities, sample and analyze process wastewater, and take the necessary enforcement steps on suspected violators.

All industries discharging into the sanitary sewer system must comply with the provisions of the city’s Sewer Use Ordinance

Hauled Waste

Hauled septage from residential septic tanks may be discharged at the Water Resources Recovery Facility on 321 Hartmann Drive after receiving the Industrial Wastewater Permit Application.

All haulers are required to possess a valid discharge permit prior to being allowed to discharge. Failure to adhere to the terms of the permit may result in penalties and/or revocation of the permit. All haulers must comply with the special permit conditions.

The City prefers, for the safety of the owners/drivers, that Food Trucks and RVs secure a permit to discharge from one of the local campgrounds with dump sites designed for those vehicles. All food trucks should have a grease trap and ensure proper grease disposal – NOT in the sewer system.

For instructions on how to fill out the permit, use these Industrial Wastewater Permit Instructions.

Application for Industrial Discharge Permit

The primary purpose of the Pretreatment Program is to protect the wastewater treatment facility from high strength discharges from industrial users. All industries wishing to discharge into the sanitary sewer system must complete an Application for Industrial Discharge Permit. (link to permit applications). The permit will be issued by the director with discharge limits for each individual industry. The permit is valid for five years. An application must be completed and submitted before the permit is granted. Industries will generally be required to conduct biannual or quarterly monitoring (sampling) and measure flow, and submit quarterly reports. Due to Federal rules, these reports must be submitted with an ink signature (mail or drop off). While the City will review electronically submitted applications and reports, a paper copy must be received for final processing.

Please submit the completed application to either:

Scott McRae
Pretreatment Coordinator
321 Hartmann Drive
Lebanon, TN 37801

Penny Allds

Chief Operator
321 Hartmann Drive
Lebanon, TN 37801

or call 615.444.2304 if you have any questions.