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Sidewalk, Bike, and Trail Committee Members

Committee Members and Area Served
  • Debbie Lowe - Ward 1
  • Labraunya Horton, Chairman - Ward 2 and ADA Representative
  • Ed James, Vice Chairman - Ward 3
  • Ann Reuter - Ward 4
  • Connie Bone - Ward 5
  • Kurt Brinkman - Ward 6
  • Adrian Kelley - Planning Commission
  • Jody Vance - Public Services
  • Rachel Christian Gulley


The Sidewalk, Bikeway, and Trails Committee was established to promote the preservation, use and expansion of the City of Lebanon’s greenways, corridors, and bike-walkways. The committee will review and recommend courses of action for existing systems, plans and policies to identify areas which may need adjustment in order to address current and future needs. The Sidewalk, Bikeway, and Trails Committee will be actively involved with the ADA Advisory Task Force Committee and recommend actions to the Lebanon Planning Commission.

The Sidewalk, Bikeway, and Trails Committee will provide and coordinate the vision to recommend connections that offer transportation alternatives by connecting homes, workplaces, schools, parks, shopping centers, and cultural attractions. The benefits for the City will be increased transportation options that will encourage eco-tourism and adventure travel as well as local economic development. Ultimately serving to connect people and communities and creating new public spaces.

Visions, Objectives, Goals and Duties

A.    The City of Lebanon should continue to enhance the community by connecting and developing the system of trails, greenways, and pedestrian paths by performing these duties:

  • To recommend the location and acquisition of easements, to the Planning Commission, for sidewalks, bike lanes and trails within the City
  • To catalog existing and future sidewalks, bike lanes and trails, and make recommendations regarding present and future sidewalks, bike and trail needs and sidewalks, bike, and trail use conflicts
  • To develop and update the sidewalk, bikes, and trails plan, to create a network of off-road trails and sidewalks which link major open space, parks and other public facilities and neighborhoods, and to set priorities to optimize the use of public funds for sidewalks, bike lanes and trails.
  • To promote multi-use of public right-of-way for sidewalks, bike lanes and trails where desirable and appropriate.
  • To recommend a comfortable environment for sidewalk, bike lane and trail users, which should include shade, buffering between roads and proposed uses, and separation from conflicting uses.
  • To coordinate joint use of sidewalk, bike, and trail facilities by a variety of users.
  • To advise and recommend appropriate levels of sidewalk, bike lane and trail maintenance, and cooperatively work with organized and non-organized constituent groups on development of volunteer maintenance programs as appropriate.
  • To review and make recommendations to the City concerning ordinances, plans or actions which impact sidewalks, bike lanes, and trails or the proposed sidewalk, bike, and trail network.
  • To provide a forum for citizen input into the assessments and needs for the City pertaining to sidewalks, bike lanes and trails, and to advise the City of these findings.
  • To serve as a reference for the Planning Commission in encouraging public and private sub dividers and land developers to incorporate a sidewalk, bike and trail system where needed in conjunction with proposed development.
  • To maintain records regarding the status and condition of dedicated sidewalks, bike lanes and trails.
  • To recognize that the sidewalks reflect the value of a community and should be treated as public landscaping and beautification.
  • To work in conjunction with the ADA Advisory Board regarding the recommendation of the needs of persons with disabilities within the City.

B.    The City of Lebanon should encourage walking and bicycling by education and to improve the safety and security of pedestrians and bicyclists

  • By promoting sidewalk, bike and trail safety and education.
  • By developing and implementing school-based bicycle and pedestrian safety education programs
  • By encouraging bicycle helmet usage through promotion and education.
  • By sponsoring promotions, events, and activities that encourage bicycling and walking.

C.    The City of Lebanon should provide bicycle and pedestrian facilities to support the mobility needs of its citizens, to promote walking and bicycling as alternative modes of travel, to improve the safety of walkers and cyclists, and to enhance the City’s quality of life.

  • By including sidewalks and bikeways as a component of the comprehensive plan for the city’s transportation system.
  • By developing a network of sidewalks and bikeways connecting employment and commercial centers, transit stops, school institutions and recreational destinations.
  • By amending ordinances that require construction of planned sidewalks and bikeways or wider road lanes when land develops.
  • By developing and mapping all bicycle routes.
  • By providing signage for all pedestrian crossings and bikeways.
  • By providing bike racks at parks, schools, shopping areas, employment centers and government facilities.
  • By developing and prioritizing a bicycle and pedestrian plan with dedicated funding.

To read the full ordinances regarding the formation and duties of the Sidewalk, Bike Lanes, and Trails Committee, please refer to Ordinance 19-5920 and Ordinance 19-5956.