The Lebanon Forward 2040 Bicentennial Comprehensive Plan


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The History of the Process of the Plan

Creating the Lebanon Forward 2040 Bicentennial Comprehensive Plan was a community-driven process that produced a document that will guide the future policies, projects, and actions for various aspects of the City. 

     The Comprehensive Plan Task Force Committee had been meeting since March 2018 and with the findings from the Visioning Committee, hired Stantec as the consulting firm that best fit the needs and desires of both committees with the City. This document would also include the Vision Statement. The Vision Statement concluded that there were five main priorities that need to be focused on for Lebanon’s prosperity.

  • Transportation/Traffic/Infrastructure.
  • Planning (Zoning) Contextual Growth.
  • Downtown Redevelopment of Older Historic Areas.
  • Parks & Recreation.
  • Entertainment/Things to Do.

     These priorities are included in the Lebanon Forward Bicentennial Comprehensive Plan. 

     This Comprehensive Plan, Lebanon Forward, will replace the 1984 Comprehensive Plan and the 2006 Land Use Plan for the City of Lebanon, Tennessee. The Plan will address issues regarding infill development, redevelopment, the preservation of the downtown area, neighborhood stabilization and succession, and development at existing activity nodes that are connected to the major transportation corridors. In addition, the project will contemplate altering the City of Lebanon’s Land Use Plan to respond to the changing demographic trends, the changing housing market demands, the increasing energy costs, regional economic changes, education, entertainment, industrial and workforce trends.