Gas Leak Recognition and Response

  • Natural gas is a colorless, odorless gas; however, a chemical that smells like rotten eggs is added to help detect a possible leak.  If you smell gas or recognize one of the other warning signs of a gas leak, leave the area immediately. 
  • Don’t try to repair the leak yourself or use anything that might create a spark, such as a cell phone. Avoid using potential ignition sources, such as telephones, doorbells, electric switches or motor vehicles. 
  • Never try to extinguish a gas fire or operate any pipeline valves. Immediately call City of Lebanon Gas from an outside telephone (615) 443-2835, 24-hr emergency dispatch or 911.  
  • All suspected leaks and reports of gas odors are checked FREE of charge.  
Include emergency contact information for your natural gas company on your list of important phone numbers (e.g. fire, police, physicians, etc.).

Do your part to familiarize yourself and your family with these natural gas safety tips and continue to enjoy the value, comfort and benefits of America’s cleanest, most efficient energy source!

For more gas safety tips or information about our natural gas service and the benefits of natural gas, call 615-443-2835.