Public Awareness & Safety Tips

Natural Gas Safety Tips

If you think you smell Natural Gas....
  • Extinguish all open flames. Do not use matches or lights and do not attempt to light your appliances.
  • Do not touch electric switches, thermostats or appliance controls. If odor is strong, DO not use your phone. All of these devices can cause sparks
  • Open windows and doors for ventilation
  • Leave the premises and call the City of Lebanon Gas Department at 443-2835 immediately.

Why is there paint or flags in my yard?

Utilities are required to mark their lines when anyone is doing excavation work and has requested a locate ticket from Tennessee 811. The APWA color codes to the right are the various colors of markings used by utilities to mark their underground lines. The lines may be marked on the ground in either paint, stakes or flags. Be familiar with them so you are aware of what is marked. Markings do not necessarily mean that is the type work being done.  Click here for more information.