Gasification Initiative


Project Summary - Lebanon's Gasification Initiative:

Lebanon's Gasification Initiative will divert over 16,000,000 pounds of waste from landfills every year, cleanly produce electricity to help power our waste water treatment plant; and produce and end product that we can sell.  This will further position Lebanon to be a leader in Sustainability and is a major part of our long term goal to divert all landfill waste to productive uses.  This is an expansion of our successful city-wide Think Green - Think Clean initiatives.

Annual Benefits:

  • Electricity equal to 312 homes
  • Carbon of 450 vehicles
  • Diversion from dump equivalent to a line of semi trucks 4 miles long

Waste Reduction

  • What goes in daily - 32 tons of landfill wood/tires/biosolids
  • What comes out - 1.6 tons of useful Bio-Char
  • Reduced by 95% (32 tons of waste reduced to 1.6 tons of Bio - Char)  And the Bio -  Char is VALUABLE/SELLABLE/USEFUL  (potential use as Soil Additive)

Green Initiative - Helps Environment

  • A Clean Porcess approved by TDEC to convert waste to energy
  • Reduces waste to landfill and extends the life of landfill
  • Local Beneficial Use- Eliminates long hauling out of state
  • Clean Electricity
  • Bio-char returns carbon and nutrients to soil
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • Control of uncertain future disposal costs

The Real Green $$$ (Five Revenue Sources - All Positive)

Waste Elimination - Creates New Revenue Source
Plant Reduction - Save chemical cost and energy consumption
Hauling -  Positive revenue source
Electrical Production - Saves Money of power costs
Bio-char - Sold for a profit and productive Uses