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Wastewater Treatment Plant

Septic Haulers

The City of Lebanon has experienced unprecedented challenges in the past few weeks. Our Waste Water Treatment Plant has been affected first by the tornados and then by COVID-19. From the tornado our facility was hit with an extra load of debris and foreign materials causing blockages and some pump issues. As COVID-19 sent more and more people to their homes, we again have seen an increase in wipes, rags, sanitary items and other solids that have overwhelmed a system not designed for such a high volume of solids of this nature. These foreign items have had effects on our processing system and have already clogged critical pumps and other hydraulic processes. 

City of Lebanon is requiring septic haulers provide information about your business and certification employed related to the materials you wish to bring to the City of Lebanon wastewater treatment facility for disposal before issuing approval letters. Most of this information is found on the application you provide to the state for licensing. You may choose to provide a copy of the signed and completed TDEC application to meet most of these requirements. You must provide the certification statement along with the information you provide to both Lebanon and TDEC certifying the information provided is true and accurate. Should the representations you have made in this application materially change during the year, it is your responsibility to provide that update within 30 days.

Please continue to the Septic Haulers page for more information.


The City of Lebanon is committed to keeping our customers informed, and we are currently reaching out to all dental service providers. As mentioned in ADANews on June 12, 2017, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a rule governing the management of dental amalgam discharges into sewer systems. All dentists must comply by July 14, 2020.

The City of Lebanon is required by the EPA to receive a one-time compliance certification form from all dental businesses. Complete information can be found at the Dental Compliance page.

We appreciate your time and assistance in helping us continue to protect public health and the environment while providing safe, reliable wastewater services for our community.