Beautification Commission

Eagle Scout Project benefits Lebanon’s Farmers Market

Every young Scout dreams of the day they become an Eagle Scout. The journey is long with many challenging life lessons. The Eagle Scout project, which is designed to test the youth’s many skills, is a culmination of his years of learning, leadership, and community involvement.

Life Scout Jedidiah Brenner of the Boy Scouts of America Troop 246 of Lebanon recently completed his Eagle Scout project. His project consisted of planning and constructing three picnic tables for the Farmers Market in Lebanon. Jedidiah said, “Working on this project has connected me in a new way to the City of Lebanon and its leaders.” He had to coordinate with multiple officials within the City. Jedidiah thanked Mayor Bernie Ash and the Beautification Commission for their support. Patsy Anderson, chair of the Beautification Commission, was excited to work with another Scout on a project. Beautification has been part of several Eagle Scout projects in the past and this one will add an area where guests and visitors can sit down and enjoy a little shade and relaxation at our Farmers Market. Mayor Ash noted, “Eagle Scouts represent some of our Nation’s brightest and best---today, we honor and thank Jedidiah for his accomplishments, his charity and his drive to succeed in community endeavors.”

There are many parts to carrying out an Eagle Scout project. A project consists of a written proposal to present to the beneficiary, picking a design, gathering materials, leading and coordinating the construction, while giving leadership to fellow Scouts and adults from his troop. Each Eagle Scout project has unexpected challenges, this is part of the learning process. Jedidiah completed his project in March just before COVID-19 caused a world-wide shutdown, so he had to wait to deliver them. Today June 11, 2020, he was finally able to deliver the finished tables. He has three merit badges to complete to become an Eagle Scout so the journey is not quite over, but he knows he will get there.

Jedidiah is the son of Justin and Diana Brenner of Lebanon. Scouts BSA Troop 246 is chartered by United Methodist Men at Cook’s United Church. Meredith Akkerman is the Scoutmaster of Troop 246.

Photo - Scout Jedidiah Brenner presenting his Eagle Scout Project to Lebanon Mayor Bernie Ash, the Beautification Commission, and the City of Lebanon

mayor and scout
Mayor with scouts committee members1


If you have an interest in enhancing and beautifying our City or may be interested in more in environmental projects, the Beautification commission welcomes you!
If you are interested in helping with some of the Beautification Projects, please contact:
Patsy Anderson 615-444-3647 ext. 2309 or Pam Black 615-477-8512

Thank you, hope to hear from you!


  • 12:00 PM
  • 4th Thursday of every month
  • Town Meeting Hall

Duties & Powers

The duties and powers of the commission shall be:
  • To study, investigate, develop, and carry out plans for improving the health, sanitation, safety, cleanliness, and aesthetic influences and values of the city by beautifying the streets, highways, alleys, lots, yards, and other similar places in the city
  • To aid in the prevention of fires, diseases, and other casualties by the removal and elimination of trash and other debris from the streets, highways, alleys, lots, yards, plots, and other similar places
  • To encourage the placing, planting, and preservation of trees, flowers, plants, shrubbery, and other objects of beauty and ornamentation in the city
  • To protect song birds and other wild fowl
  • To advise with and recommend plans to other agencies of the city for beautification of the city
  • To promote public interest in the general improvement of the appearance and aesthetics of the city.
Nothing herein shall be construed to abridge or change the powers and duties of the other commissions, departments, boards, and like agencies of the city.


City of Lebanon celebrated Arbor Day, November 11, 2017 this year, at the site of the local Farmer’s Market on S. Maple St.


Mayor Bernie read the City of Lebanon Arbor Day Proclamation and several volunteers were on site planting a variety of trees. The trees were planted from behind the Farmer’s Market to West Spring Street. And additional landscaping will be added along the embankment, and a compost bin will be placed at the site for the Farmer’s to put throw away produce in. The tree planting project is HUGE THANKS to John McFadden, member of Beautification Commission, and President of Tennessee Environmental Council, and Middle Tennessee Electric who donated $5,000.00 to make this project happen.


This area continues to have enhancement for an area that really needed some beautification and attention. The Beautification Commission completed the landscaping along the side of the property and in the front, and placed a new sign in front. There was a celebration of that landscaping, etc added and a great time was had with live entertainment, food vendor, and gift baskets put together by the local vendors for drawings for those who attended.



The Commission is divided into (2) Sub-Committees.  The Sub-Committees each have their own “focus”, but at the same time will cross over in working together to better the City.  Below listed are the (2) sub-committees and some ongoing projects identified.

Environmental Sub-Committee:  Chairman, Pam Black

(2)    Planting of Trees, Rain Gardens/Butterfly Gardens
(3)    Clean-up of Creeks, Streams, and areas throughout the City
(4)    Assist with Educational projects regarding How to Protect our
Environment, etc.

Beautification/Enhancement of the City, Chairman Patsy Anderson

(1)     Beautify and Enhancement of various
areas throughout the City with landscaping, etc.

(2)    Projects involving littering of the City, including
cigarette debris, bottles, paper, etc.

(3)    Specific identified areas for beautification and enhancement as well as focusing on solutions of littering such as Public Square, Historic Cabin area,Farmer’s Market and all surrounding areas of the
square such as parking lots, alleys, etc.

(4)    Projects recognizing Businesses and Individuals for efforts to beautify and enhance their properties with presentations of Certificates, and Temporary signs placed at properties for 30 days to not only recognize the winners,but to encourage others to take interest and pride in the
beautification and enhancement of their properties.