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City Parks

  1. Cairo Bend Comment or Question Form

    Your voice is important to us. Please let us know what you think, or if you have any questions. All of your comments will be seen by... More…


  1. Codes Complaint

    Citizens codes complaint form

Contact Forms

  1. Report a Concern in Your Ward

    Report a Concern in Your Ward

  2. Wastewater Facility Odor Complaint Form

    The City of Lebanon is seeking assistance from citizens in identifying nuisance odor-related issues in the community. Please be our... More…

  1. Storm Water/Drainage Concerns or Problem

    Report a problem or concern about Storm Water/Drainage

Fire Permits

  1. Fire Department Code Complaint / Arson Tips

    Fire Department codes complaint form. With arson tips


  1. Lebanon Forward 2040

    Thank you for viewing the City of Lebanon’s Comprehensive Plan. We understand that some individuals would prefer to keep their... More…

Records Request Form

  1. Records Request Form

    Not for POLICE RECORDS For Police Records go to