Can I operate a business from my home?

Businesses operated from homes require a City of Lebanon business license and must comply with the requirements for the zoning district in which the property is located. A home occupation is defined as an occupation having traditional acceptance as being one customarily carried on in the home, provided that: such occupation is incidental to the residential use; no article or service is sold or offered for sale on the premises except that produced by such occupation; and such occupation does not require internal or external alterations or construction features, equipment or machinery not customary in residential areas. 

A complete packet can be found by clicking on Information and Procedures for all Business Owners in the City of Lebanon.

This packet contains information on:

  • Application for Business Tax Registration
  • Emergency Contact Information Form for the Communications Division of the Lebanon Police Department
  • Procedures for the Applying for a Business License
  • Notification for a Change of Use of a Building
  • Obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy
  • Contacting the Economic Development Office for Assistance.
  • TN Department of Health Information

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