Who We Are

Dedicated people who want to see our history, and the people who made it, become a part of the education of the children of Lebanon. The Departments that have been instrumental in reviving the museum are:

  • Planning Department - Kathleen Vail 
  • Legal - Beth Ehlert
  • Engineering - Dillan Jackson and Mattie Neely
  • Purchasing - Lisa Lane
  • Maintenance - Duanne Gann, Dennis Davenport, Rhonda Hubner, and Jesse Harrington
  • Utilities - Misty Knight

The amount of history in the displays would not have been possible without the participation and donations from city departments, companies, and citizens.


Educating and enlightening the future of Lebanon by bringing together the past.


Kathleen Vail - Lebanon Planning Department 615.444.3647 Extension #2320.