Comprehensive Plan Task Force Committee


Appointed by
Rachel Christian Gulley
Councilor Joey Carmack Ward 1
Barry Owens

Councilor Fred Burton Ward 2
Dave Dixon

Councilor Rob Cesternino Ward 3
Cheryl Bockstruck

Councilor Chris Crowell Ward 4
T.A. Bryan - Chairman

Councilor Tick Bryan Ward 5
Rick Bell - Vice Chairman

Councilor Rick Bell Ward 6
Martin Frost

Mayor Bernie Ash
Sherri O. Green

Mayor Bernie Ash


The results from our City Survey and Public Engagement Survey have been finalized. Please click on the following documents to find out more.

The Lebanon Forward Public Engagement Survey.

The Lebanon City Survey.

Keys to Great Places Presentation - Click here


The City of Lebanon has selected the services of the consultant team of Stantec Consulting Services, Inc., to create a Comprehensive Plan. This will be a year long process that involves many members and citizens of the community. Citizen input will be gathered over the next few months through charrettes, workshops, a survey, and other methods. Please contact the City of Lebanon Planning Department if you want to participate.

This is an example of the possible ways that the City will be implementing to engage the public.

Public Engagement Tool Spectrum

This Comprehensive Plan will replace the 1984 Comprehensive Plan and the 2006 Land Use Plan for the City of Lebanon, Tennessee, and address issues regarding infill, redevelopment, preservation of the downtown, neighborhood stabilization and succession, and development at existing activity nodes that are connected to the major transportation corridors. In addition, the project will contemplate altering the city’s land use vision to respond to changing demographic trends, changing housing market demands, increasing energy costs, regional economic changes, education, entertainment, and industrial and workforce trends.

The Ordinance for the Comprehensive Plan and Unified Development can be found here.

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Comparable Cities and Counties in Tennessee


Background Information

The Comprehensive Plan Committee was created as a Task Force to produce a Comprehensive Plan with the information gathered from the Vision Committee. The membership thereof shall be a total of eight members, one member from each of the six (6) wards as appointed per the respective Councilperson, and two (2) members shall be appointed by the Mayor. Resolution 17-2078