Mission Statement


"To improve the quality of life by impartially enforcing laws and safeguarding the lives and property of the people we serve."

Organizational Strategies

The City of Lebanon Police Department will fulfill this stated purpose consistent with the authority granted by the State of Tennessee and the charter of the City of Lebanon, through the adoption of and in pursuit of, the following strategies:

  • The maintenance of order to the extent citizens feel safe from crime or the compromise of personal security.
  • Create public confidence and trust in the integrity, credibility and performance of the department.
  • Maintain an efficient and effective organizational structure for the delivery of police services.
  • Maintain safe vehicular and pedestrian flows.
  • A positive and enriching work environment, which offers challenge and rewards.
  • Create an organizational culture that respects the dignity of all human life.
  • Provision of training adequate to provide excellent service and employee development.