Senior Citizens Center

Come with us to
The Ark Encounter and Keeneland!
April 26 & 27, 2017
$235 pp Double
$325 pp Single


February Donations

Gus Brotherton, Coleman & Helen Walker, Modern Woodmen, Hamlet Halbert, JoAnne Ramey, Robert & Claudette Amonette, Bonnie Henderson, Charles Franks, Ray Pope & Diana Bright, Melinda Ledford, Karen Bass (In memory of Elvira R. Bass), Ann Floyd (Building Fund)

In Memory of Lucille Barlow: Dorothy Burton, Louriea E. Morris, Betty Beaver Payne, Michael & Virginia Anthony, Ricky & Eleanor Gibbs, Sarah Anthony, Alice Vaughan, & Betty Griffin

In Memory of Mary Flory: Susie Blake, Ruby Armstrong, Anita Moore, Dot Johnson
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    We'd love to have you join us. We serve lunch, offer activities, and even have bilingual employees.

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    Join some fun and educational activities at the Center.

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    Join the Senior Citizens Center on one of our fun trips.

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    Join us for food and fun Monday Through Friday!

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