20th Century - Present

Castle Heights School
Castle Heights School was founded in 1902 and later during World War I became a military academy. The main building remained after it closed in 1986 and has been restored as the Lebanon City Hall.
20th Century 1
The Square
On May 20, 1912 the Square was filled with what was then the largest crowd to assemble there, for the unveiling of the Confederate Monument and statue of General Hatton. It has become Lebanon's most famous landmark and was completely restored in 1996 by the Hatton Camp, SCV.
20th Century 2
The Square's New Appearance
By 1929 the Square took on a new appearance with automobile around the monument.
20th Century 3
World War II Command Center
The Cumberland University campus became the Command Center for the 2nd Army's World War II maneuvers. The tower of the 1896 Memorial Hall looked down upon the tent city that covered the grounds.
20th Century 4
1882 Flood
The 1882 Court House, Lebanon Bank and
H. G. Hill's Grocery were flooded in this mid-century photograph.

20th Century 5
1996 Olympics
Still the heart of Lebanon, the Public Square, having witnessed troops marching off to war, political rallies, dedications, memorial services and other public activities, was filled again in 1996 for the passage of the Atlanta Olympic Torch.
20th Century 6
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