Welcome to the City of Lebanon Sanitation Department.

The following is general information regarding our sanitation department, including some of the most frequently asked questions. For additional information, refer to the City's Charter Title 17 Refuse and Trash Disposal

Department Organization

We currently have 14 employees (six class B CDL Drivers, seven Ground Workers And one Supervisor).

Our schedule is four 10-hour days, Tuesday through Friday. Mondays are set aside for maintenance on trucks.

Truck Fleet

Our truck fleet consists of six- 25-yard transport trucks and two- nine yard satellite trucks.

Carts Statistics
We pick up approximately 8,200 residential carts per week and approximately 550 Small business. We produce 8,000 tons of Garbage per year.
sanitation team and truck
This is delivered to the Middle Point Landfill in Rutherford County (Walter Hill) at an annual cost of approximately $180,000. Approximately $8,000.00 of this cost goes to the State Of Tennessee in the form of a Disposal Tax, $1.20 per ton goes to Rutherford County in the form of a Host Fee.

Customer Increase

We are experiencing an 18-20% increase in the number of customers we issue carts to (Over 450 new homes per year). There is an information sheet delivered with each cart. We have 96 gallon carts that we issue to new residents after the $75 cart fee has been paid.

We issue one cart to each residence or small business upon request after $75 cart fee is paid. In the event the small business has access to a commercial dumpster, they are not eligible for our service. In the event that one cart is not sufficient, the customer can pay the $75 additional cart fee and a second cart will be issued.

Rules & Guidelines

We have Rules and Guidelines for our residential service. All small business customers must abide by our residential policies. We have a limit of 2 carts per residential location, and no more than 4 carts for commercial businesses.

The customers are asked to keep their own carts clean. We also provide for our new residents a one-time moving boxes pickup service. Upon request, if a new residence has broken down boxes we will provide this service. That Pickup day may not be necessarily the same day as garbage pickup.

Holiday Scheduling

The Sanitation Department works every Holiday except Thanksgiving Day, New Years Day and Christmas Day.

Thanksgiving Day is on Thursday each year. Thursday Customers are picked up on Friday, and Friday Customers are picked up on Saturday.

The day of the week for Christmas varies each year.

Watch your newspaper for Christmas schedules or call: 444-0825 ext 5103. In the event that we have inclement weather (that only lasts one) day, your pickup will be moved to the following Day.