Welcome to the City of Lebanon Garage.

Department Size
This department has six employees. Four Mechanics, one Utility worker and a Supervisor. Following is a summary of this department responsibility.

Gas Boy System
Our Gas Boy system enables us to monitor the maintenance of our 300 plus vehicles. Each vehicle is allotted 3,000 miles or ninety (90) days whichever comes first. As the deadline approaches, each unit is given a warning that maintenance is due soon. At this time, the driver is then to schedule the maintenance to be done. Once the time frame is expired, the fuel pumps will not allow access for that unit.

Body Work & Paint Expertise
We now have the expertise to do body work and paint our vehicles. At this time, the painting is done in an open area. A paint room will be requested in the very near future.

Transmission & Engine Work
We have the capability of repairing transmissions, engines etc in all of our equipment including our large trucks, backhoes, loaders, etc. Last year we obtained a Brake lay that enables us to do all of our brake work in house.

We maintain an inventory of air filters, oil filters, etc for all of our 300 plus vehicles. Our mechanics regularly attend seminars each year to stay educated on new changes in our automotive world.