Codes Enforcement

     To make a codes complaint, simply click on the link and fill out the form.  Your form will be emailed directly to the codes department.

Ordinance Awareness Violations

Junk, Litter, Debris

  • Unauthorized accumulation of litter in or upon any property, vacant or improved, or in or upon any public or private place is a violation.
  • Only items allowed in yard are: Regular Outdoor Furniture, Regular Outdoor Grill, Toys, Lawnmower, and Outdoor Swimming Pool (enforced per guidelines of Pool Ordinance. None of above items are to be stored in yard, on porches, or under carport.  Remove from property or place in a Storage Building. To add: Storage Building, or a Fence, or changes to existing Drive-Way, you must obtain permits from the Building Inspection Dept. first.
  • City Will not pick up (except in April's Spring Cleaning event)

Trash Carts

  • No trash bins are to be placed within public right of way earlier than dusk on the day before collection and/or no later than 7 a.m.
  • Trash bins must be removed no later than 7 p.m. on the day of collection.
  • No trash container may be stored between the street and the front of the premises.
  • Note: No paint, tires, batteries, oil, chemicals, hot ashes, or carpet will be picked up by the city of Lebanon.
  • Trash bins are not to be used for any purpose other than trash/garbage. They are not to be used for any other purposes.
  • If you have any questions on the proper way to discard any waste matter or materials call 444-0825 Public Works Department

Weeds & Grass

  • Any growth of grass, weeds, or undergrowth which exceeds the height of 8 inches in residential or 12 inches in commercial/industrial is a violation.

Stagnant Water

  • Stagnant water shall not be allowed to stand without treatment to prevent mosquitoes.

Health & Sanitation

  • Unlawful for any premises owned, occupied, or controlled by anyone to become or remain in a filthy condition, or permit the use of occupation of same in such a manner as to create noxious or offensive smells and odors in connection therewith, or to allow the accumulation or creation of unwholesome and offensive matter or the breeding of flies, rodents, or other vermin on the premises to the menace of the public health or the annoyance of people residing within the vicinity.

Health & Safety

  • Junkyards/auto graveyards/salvage yards within corporate limits shall be operated and maintained subject to regulations.
  • Refrigerators and other similar containers shall not be left unattended Without: Removing Doors and/or sealing door so it cannot be opened by a child

Properties to Be Numbered

  • Principal buildings (homes, etc.) abutting public street shall be numbered by the owners. Numbers shall be placed so they shall be easily visible and apparent from the street.

Garage Sales

  • All garage sales, yard sales, lawn sales and other temporary sales may only take place 3 days of any month. Garage sale signs can only be placed on private property with permission of property owner and cannot be placed on utility poles, street signs, or in public right of way


  • No person shall throw or deposit any commercial handbill in or upon any personal property (houses, vehicles, etc.). no type of posting shall be affixed to any lamp post, public utility pole or shade tree.

Junk Vehicles

  • Vehicles without current registration, current tags, and are NOT operable on the streets.


  • No Sign shall be placed on Public Right-Of-Way except as required by appropriate Federal, State, County and City Authorities.
  • All signs in public right-of-way may be confiscated immediately.

Public Right of Way

  • Nothing including landscaping (trees/shrubs, etc.) is permitted in Public Right of Way. If you need assistance in determining the Right-Of-Way on your property, call 444-3647 and ask for Engineering Department.

Zoning Violations

  • Property violating Zoning Regulations


  • Trees projecting over streets, obstructions at intersections, projecting signs/awnings/banners, signs across street/alleys/gates/doors opening over streets/alleys/sidewalks, littering streets/alleys/sidewalks, obstruction of drainage ditches/Town Creek/Sinking Creek.


  • Swimming Pool - Any constructed or Prefabricated pool used for swimming or bathing 24 inches or more in depth. Private home spas and above ground pools, not exceeding 10 feet in diameter shall not be deemed a swimming pool.
  • Both - Public and Private pools must be completely enclosed by a fence with a self closing or latching gate.