Subdivision Regulations

Subdivision Regulations control the division of land by requiring development according to design standards and procedures adopted by the Lebanon Planning Commission.

Subdivisions can be both residential or non-residential. In accordance with state law (TCA 13-4-301 (4) (B), "Subdivision means the division of a tract or parcel of land into two or more lots, sites, or other divisions requiring new street or utility construction, or any division of less than five acres, for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of sale or building development, and includes resubdivision...".

The City of Lebanon Subdivision Regulations were originally adopted in 1953 and have been amended and updated over the years. Information regarding general requirements and minimum standards of design, standard drawings, and road construction criteria are found in the Subdivision Regulations.

Download and print the updated Subdivision Regulations (PDF).

The Engineering Department has updated the Appendix C Standard Drawings and until it is removed by an resolution approved by the Planning Commission, the old ones will still be in the Subdivision Regulations. To view the updated Construction Drawings, please see the Street Details Document.